Air Conditioning And The Environmental Impact

When you think of air conditioning, do you ever wonder who made it, the history behind it, maybe different applications involved or even environmental concerns? Well, if so, then you have come to the right place. We will not only go over each of these but you will find that a Sub-Heading for ease of use marks each section.

The Air Conditioner was first introduced in 1820 by Michael Faraday a British Scientist and Inventor. He discovered that by compressing liquefied ammonia you could cause the rooms are temperature to cool down. Dr. John Gorrie who used this technology to make ice for his patients later followed this up. Once the Doctor had proven that using the ice helped his patients he then received a grant to do more studies. However this was not meant to be and it was another 50 years before the first air condition was made in 1902.

An air conditioner is a machine designed to create cool air using a refrigeration system.


The Air Conditioner or its uses and methods can be traced back to Medieval Persia, where they used large open pools to hold water while using wind towers using tunnel like pipes to catch the wind and push it into another direction. This caused the collected water to evaporate and cool the buildings during the hot seasons.

While the modern air conditioner was first introduced in 1902 for factories, the first home and car air conditioner was not brought in until 1950.

First is the Comfort Application, which is designed to keep indoors comfortable for both mankind and our animals. There are different types of this application and are used in such places as Residential Homes and Buildings, Commercial Properties, Schools and other Institutions. This application is also used for personal Aircraft, Ships, Spacecraft, Trains, and Vehicles.

Then we have the Process Application, which is geared for the place it is located such as Operating Rooms, Static Clean or Data Rooms, Breeding Facilities, Airplanes, Factories, Testing Facilities, Greenhouses, Mines, Kitchens, and Nuclear Plants. Each of these areas has to maintain a center degree and this application provides that safely.

Many people forget that we have to be careful of what we do and how we use such conveniences as the Air Conditioner, but as the Earths health slowly declines and we have more and more health related issues in today’s society we have to take care. When you don’t take care of your air conditioner properly you set the stage for the outbreak of Microorganisms that contribute to anything from the common everyday cold to pneumonia, or even asthma. Which if you have ever had an allergy reaction or worse an asthmatic attack then you know how life threatening this can be.

Not to mention the fact an air conditioner, if maintained properly, can save on your heating and electric bill, as well as cut down on the electricity that, in turn, cuts down on the emissions from both the AC unit and your local power plant.