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Deforestation is Choking the Earth

Forests are one of the most valuable eco-systems in the world, containing over 60 per cent of the world’s biodiversity. This biodiversity has multiple social and economic values, apart from its intrinsic value, varying from the important ecological functions of forests in terms of soil and watershed protection to the economic value of the numerous […]

Great Barrier Reef Vacation At South Long Island Nature Lodge In The Whitsundays

For the top Great Barrier Reef vacation you will find the South Long Island Nature Lodge in the Whitsundays comes top of the list . It is an adult only very secluded island retreat accessible only by helicopter, catering for a maximum of ten guests. This is the place for a luxury Australia vacation with […]

Forestry and Global Warming: How Can Our Forests Effect Climate Change?

The amount of land dedicated to forests, particularly old growth forests, could significantly reduce global warming. Forests are an important use of land in most countries, and in modern times they take on a new, environmental significance. Plant life scrubs carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon dioxide is a main cause of global warming and […]

The Destructive Effects of Deforestation

Mankind is feeling the wrath of nature. It seems that more and more natural disasters are taking place; and this has led to consciousness about the earth’s resources. Forests are the most affected ecosystem in the planet. This is probably due to the fact that basic necessities need trees as a raw material. What is […]

The Deforestation In Africa

Africa has been well known for its cosmic lands rich with sunlight, vegetation and the wild. Like other jungles, it is a home to millions of celebrated species. It has also become one of the greatest advertised tourist hot spots; and people came from all over the world for the mere purpose of Safari adventure. […]