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Rock Climbing And Environmental Issues

Environmental groups and rock climbers are always at loggerheads because of the impact of rock climbing on the environment. There have been numerous instances, wherein rock climbers are accused of venturing into secured natural territories, and mistreated the organisms and rocks that are there. However, with the changing times, rock climbers are conscious and carry […]

One Biosphere, Environmental Advocacy

Obama & Alternative Energy Sources It will take several years to approve and fully implement comprehensive new alternative energy policies, however the Obama administration promises a new era of energy and environment policy for the United States. Obama expressed his intention to shift the U.S. away from petroleum as its primary energy source and towards […]

Why You Should Travel Green

With the number of tourists traveling the world increases every year, the environmental impact of tourism only grows worse every year. Travelers tend to produce a lot of trash- few tourists recycle while traveling, hotels are very inefficient, and airplanes spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Tourism can be pretty environmentally unfriendly. With climate change, […]

What you need to know about environmental threats

Greek philosophers commenced theorizing about the nature as composed of elements like water, earth, ether etc. This nature or environment has always been a jamboree for the inquisitive souls. This is precisely the reason that man has left no stone unturned to explore it. In talking about nature and environment related issues, the foremost question […]

Ecotourism Kodai in Bloom

Kodaikanal is hotting up as a destination for ecotourists.the eco-conscious can build their own holiday cottages there.                      In the Kodai EcoVillage, ad agency O&M’s dream theme, a plot costs between $19000 to $55000 an acre. Buyers have to sign an eco-pledge that restricts construction to 2,800 sq ft (per acre per level) and mandates […]