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Ecotourism, the Earth Friendly Way to Holiday

It’s getting harder to go on holiday these days without feeling a little bit guilty.  This guilt is drummed into us when we read the news about how airlines are polluting the atmosphere, helping melt the ice caps.  Many of us may feel obliged to go on a camping holiday in the UK as opposed […]

8 Steps To Being Environmentally Friendly

Recycling and Environmental Sustainability Tips from Wanless Environmentally friendly businesses reap the rewards of their hard work and efforts. New generations and an evolving society are leaning towards businesses that implement environmentally friendly processes. The advantages of these business practices are customer loyalty, providing a service not just a product, good staff morale, motivation and productivity, a leading […]

Ecotourism Knowledge

There are two basic requirements for ecotourism: 1) a basic understanding of ecological issues and 2) a conscience.                 Let’s get one thing clear: there is a lot of emphasis in definition. Ecotourism is a novel concept, an effort to make the global-rambler politically correct and free of guilt. No, Traveling to Johannesburg for the […]

Sustainable Tourism, Best Practice From Italy

Waiting for the confirmation of the increment of foreign tourist flows to Italy, looking at the positive data (+4%) of 2007, it is interesting to underline that the Bel Paese hospitality, focuses its attention on the analysis of a new phenomenon called “sustainable tourism”. Sustainable means a new tourism, far away from the conventional tourist […]

Environmental Management

The perception of visitors of an unspoiled environment underpins the tourism industry making environment protection one of the greatest challenges. The tourism industry has an important role to play for management of environment. What is Environmental Management? The term ‘environmental management’ not only means managing the environment but managing the interaction of human societies with […]