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Volunteer Abroad: Ecotourism Volunteer

Ecotourism Helps Save Hawaiian Species

Philippine Ecotourism – a New Wonders of Nature” title=”Permanent Link to Ecotourism”>Ecotourism In a recent panel discussion on business opportunities in the Philippines, three industries  were identified as high growth engines that drive the country forward namely; BPO, Mining and Eco-tourism. I’ve discussed from my previous reviews how BPO and Mining recently impacted the Philippine economy. Philippine ecotourism is expected to have […]

Projects Abroad News From our Thailand Marine Conservation Project

With the new project-dedicated website now up and running, I feel very proud and privileged to be writing the very first monthly update of the Projects Abroad Marine Conservation Project here in Ao Nang, Thailand. The project, which has been running since May 2005, has grown over the year and a half since its conception, […]

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