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Water Conservation Is Part Of Being Green

During this time of the year, water conservation is one of the most important things that you can practice next to staying properly hydrated. More and more communities are putting up notices for the residents to conserve water due to lack of rain and there are a lot of things that you can do to […]

Deforestation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Loss of forests contributes as much as 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions each rivaling emissions from the global transportation sector. The Kyoto Protocol’s offset mechanisms allow credits to be given for replanting trees or establishing new forests, which capture carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. But the current policy regimen does nothing to prevent existing […]

Prevent Global Warming

Today, ‘prevent global warming’ seems to be the necessity of the day. It is high time we noticed effects of industrialization on the planet. It is no more difficult to notice that global warming has been changing climate of the world. Large ice masses that initially adorned both the north and south poles are melting […]

Rainforests: Way More Than Just Monkeys And Parrots

Rainforests are the dynamic engine of the Earth’s biosphere; they fix carbon from the atmosphere, and the aspiration of plants in the rain forests produce nearly 10% of the oxygen we need to live (over 70% of the oxygen is generated by algae and plankton on the world’s oceans). They act as filters, pulling pollutants […]

The Global Deforestation Activities

There are obvious consequences when you try to put up a battle with nature, but in spite all these knowledge, why does ecological disturbance still exist? Why does deforestation happen when everybody knows for a fact that it is doing more harm than good to nature? The answers are a bit tricky, and it comes […]