Eco-tourism in the amazon rainforest?

Sarah C asked:

Hey im doing a project on eco-tourism and i have to page a 16 paged a4 paper booklet about an imaginary place where people can stay.

These are the questions i have … Pleaseeee help me :)

What is the rainforest like? a detailed description that gives a clear image of the vegetation climate and daily weather patterns and a wide variety of animals.

Why and how is the rainforest under threat? A clear understanding shown of Brazils need to use the forest to help them to develop. A wide variety of reasons for clearance are given along with and understanding of there impact on the forest.

What is eco-tourism? Shows a complete understanding os eco-tourism and how it works and its value as a tool for development> Use of key terms such as sustainable development.

how is ecotourism going to help native indians and the rainforest? An understanding shown of how ecotourism will help to preserve the forest and how the Indians will be able to make money and yet preserve their way of life.

How can the accomadation be designed in which it helps ecotourism? An understanding shown as to how the design is essential for the purpose of ecotourism.

Pleaseeee help me out as I think ive been put in the wrong set for english ( set 1 the best one ) and miss has already given me two detentions for not doing it. Please try and explain it in quite a simple way as i havent got a wide vocabulary.
well what should i do then? :(