Ecotourism, the Earth Friendly Way to Holiday

It’s getting harder to go on holiday these days without feeling a little bit guilty.  This guilt is drummed into us when we read the news about how airlines are polluting the atmosphere, helping melt the ice caps.  Many of us may feel obliged to go on a camping holiday in the UK as opposed to getting our few weeks away in the Mediterranean sun. 

But going on holiday shouldn’t feel like this as chances are you’ll have worked hard all year to earn yourself the much deserved rest.  Of course you could just carry on regardless and take a plane to your usual destination but you may be in for a nasty shock as airline prices are gradually rising in response to environmentalists and the government urging passengers to use air travel less by increasing prices.

So what are the alternatives?  A wet weekend on a campsite? Well the alternatives include some interesting eco friendly holidays that can not only cut down your contribution to global warming but also contribute to reversing it!

One such destination for this kind of holiday is Sweden, sweden holidays comprise of many activities that fall under the category of ecotourism.  Activities such as Dog mushing are very popular especially since when you come to a stop there is a good chance you’ll have a perfect view of the Northern Lights; For those people who prefer less frozen climates there is still plenty to do such as many adventure holidays activities like horse trekking and hiking which is very popular in the High Coast region of Sweden which is now a world heritage site recognised by UNESCO.

There are many other ecotourism holidays where you can help by planting trees or donating some of your time to help with wildlife and biodiversity projects too.  It all depends on how much you’d want to do; after all it is a holiday! 

If you are interested in any of these activities there are plenty of projects going on worldwide as it is a global problem we face and so if you want to give a little back to the earth then look up these projects and see if you can fit a bit of time towards looking after nature in during your break.

By: Andy Adams

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