Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring for waste management and recycling sites is designed to identify problem areas before they become major issues.

It is currently routine practice to find that the role is carried out by junior staff or busy managers who have more pressing issues to address. The result of this is that all too frequently the results in the data are not used to the advantage of the site.

By identifying this resource strain and securing the services of an outside contractor to undertake a regular program of monitoring backed up by a thorough analysis and reporting system companies can not only save time and money but operate a site which is more efficient and better for the environment.

A company such as Albion Environmental Ltd. who specialise in providing routine environmental monitoring work would provide the following when carrying out routine monitoring:

• On-site and off-site gas sampling and monitoring

• Leachate and groundwater level monitoring

• Groundwater, surface water and leachate sampling

• FID gas surveys

• List I & II sampling

• ATEX approved equipment

Once the monitoring has been carried out experienced technicians analyse the data and produce reports which help sites to maintain efficiency and highlight any potential problem areas before they occur. The type of reporting which would be delivered includes:

• Detailed sampling methods for inclusion in Working Plan

• Complete report of work carried out and results

• Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required with trend analysis, complete review per sampling location, executive summaries and action requirements

• Review of previous data as required

• On approval forward report to SEPA

• Immediately warn company of any potential pollution incidents and assist in providing remedial action

By undertaking a program of environmental monitoring along these lines companies can demonstrate to the public and the regulatory bodies that they do indeed take the protection of the environment seriously.

Whether it is a 200acre landfill site, an incineration plant or a small community recycling scheme they all have equal responsibility to ensure that the environmental standards set by regulatory bodies are maintained.