Global Warming- Effects on Earth

 How seldom do we think that our activities are affecting our surroundings to a great extent? Though some of us might think about this for a minute or two, but there are very few who take out time which is required. Reports suggest that global warming needs our consideration as human being have also contributed a lot for causing this problem.


Driving on the city roads, our vehicles emit carbon monoxide. With millions of vehicles running on the roads, these emissions gets multiplied thereby degrading the environmental conditions. Additionally, we are contributing towards the cause of global warming by deforestation. Number of herbs and plants are cut due to their curative abilities and utilization in medication industry. This makes the area difficult for survival as the excess of carbon dioxide floating in the atmosphere makes it complication for human beings to breathe. And as we know that carbon dioxide is the gas that causes green house effect hence this reason can be postulated as a major reason behind global warming


Besides this there is one more reason behind global warming: the use of corrosive chemicals that degrade the soil causing an inability to grow plants. The artificial chemicals that we use under several circumstances in order to increase the nutrient content of soil, can be really hazardous to nature and its activities.

Deforestation to settle human societies is also one of the major reasons for global warming which is again a consequence of increasing population. However there a many evidences that support global warming. So as to revert back the disastrous effects of global warming, govt. along with several agencies are taking steps to prevent this fact. The sooner we prevent all this, would be beneficial for us and our coming generations.



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