How can we help making Ecotourism a less disturbing task in Wildlife Centuries?

Shalik Jogwe asked:

Ecotourism in wildlife area is a disturbing tasd. Tourist usually throw out plastic & other rubbish. The vehicles enter inside also causes a big disturbance. Tourists also, instead of observing the wildlife and biodiversity of the jungles, get inside only for amusement and make a lot of noise and causes disturbance to wildlife. There are so many other things which causes disturbance to wildlife and the silence of the jungles. These all the disturbing tasks creates a panic situations in the wildlife area. Unless and until we do not control these activities, I don’t think target of Wildlife conservation can be achieved properly. We can’t stop Ecotourism as well, as it is also necessary for creating awareness among common people who do not know the importance of jungles and wildlife in the overall ecological and food chain system. But we can control these things and can make ecotourism a less disturbing task. What do you think? What steps can be taken?