Japan had been killing thousands of whales every year. How can we stop that?

Melissa L asked:

Many conservationist, including Greenpeace had tried hard to stop Japan and other pro-whaling country from killing more whales. Every year, a meeting by the International Whaling commitee decides if whaling can be increase and Japan is pushing to hunt more whales each year. Everyone knows whales are very rare creature and many countries, like USA, Australia and New Zealand use whale wathing to promote their ecotourism and had lots of profit from it.

On the other hand, Japan hunts so much whales that they cannot sell most of the whale meat. Mnay whale meat are left frozen in the factories for months or maybe years. Japan also tried to sell it to other countries but none will buy. Even more than 70% of Japanese citizen are against whaling. So why do Japan still wnat to kill whales?

How can we put more presure to the whole world to take action and make Japan’s goverment to stop whaling since they are so stubborn?