The Deforestation and Depletion of the Rainforest

Did anyone ever know that rainforests are denuded at the rate of 6,000 acres per hour? It is indeed a surprising fact that our green lands are abolished at such a rapid rate; and do people know what the detrimental effects could be? Well, the answer may be a mixture of a yes and a no. Others may believe that the premise to a dying world is true, while others deny the fact that such things could really take place.

However, in issues like this, people must believe only in one thing, and that is: rainforest deforestation is going over a higher speed and its damaging effects are almost unstoppable.

We talk of deforestation everyday yet we failed to notice its fast coming pace. Perhaps it is due to man’s negligence that people can continue destroying without seeing the potential effects their acts could bring. Man could only possibly regret when things are affecting them in such a way that it becomes a disturbance to a good life. By seeing and hearing the probable outcomes of deforestation, one must take sides in selecting between good and evil. In choosing one, remember not to make regrets about your preferences.

Rainforest: An Essence To The World

With the 3 billion people living in the tropical areas of the world, much of our green resources have been bargained for. The rainforests of the world are literally disappearing in a swift stride to supply for food, fuel and other reserves and to make room for the expanding population. Since the world is rapidly increasing in the number of people, the need for the basics is called all the more.

The rainforests offer abundance not only in terms of human supply for food, but through other means as well. Say for example the plants which have evolved through time in special mechanisms and have now shown essentialities with regards to medical practice.

Native people from all over the world have known about the healing properties of the plants hiding in rainforests; and it is only during the World War II that medicinal plants were proven to cure various diseases. Unbeknownst to many, almost half of the medicinal cure for cancer has been found in the world’s most popular forests. People should then likely protect the world’s remaining medicinal storehouses for future use and consumption.

How To Preserve The Remaining Forests

Rainforests can be dealt with efficiently without jeopardizing rare species of both the plant and animal kingdom. Also, it can be effectively managed without having to risk the global environment. For example, the government can always choose to prohibit companies that harvest lumber or they can allow cutting of trees to a certain extent, but they should also be required to plant new ones after cutting down the old trees.

The government can also ensure the creation of reservation areas where logging and hunting are prohibited. As one world, people must be cautious not to disrupt the environment in any way since we will be needing them by all means in the future.

Rainforest deforestation disturbs the balance of our ecosystem. As a result to such disruption, the world may suffer from nature’s retaliation. If people do not want to experience the revenge of our biological world, we must do all measures so as not to provoke it.

Ecotourism, the Earth Friendly Way to Holiday

It’s getting harder to go on holiday these days without feeling a little bit guilty.  This guilt is drummed into us when we read the news about how airlines are polluting the atmosphere, helping melt the ice caps.  Many of us may feel obliged to go on a camping holiday in the UK as opposed to getting our few weeks away in the Mediterranean sun. 

But going on holiday shouldn’t feel like this as chances are you’ll have worked hard all year to earn yourself the much deserved rest.  Of course you could just carry on regardless and take a plane to your usual destination but you may be in for a nasty shock as airline prices are gradually rising in response to environmentalists and the government urging passengers to use air travel less by increasing prices.

So what are the alternatives?  A wet weekend on a campsite? Well the alternatives include some interesting eco friendly holidays that can not only cut down your contribution to global warming but also contribute to reversing it!

One such destination for this kind of holiday is Sweden, sweden holidays comprise of many activities that fall under the category of ecotourism.  Activities such as Dog mushing are very popular especially since when you come to a stop there is a good chance you’ll have a perfect view of the Northern Lights; For those people who prefer less frozen climates there is still plenty to do such as many adventure holidays activities like horse trekking and hiking which is very popular in the High Coast region of Sweden which is now a world heritage site recognised by UNESCO.

There are many other ecotourism holidays where you can help by planting trees or donating some of your time to help with wildlife and biodiversity projects too.  It all depends on how much you’d want to do; after all it is a holiday! 

If you are interested in any of these activities there are plenty of projects going on worldwide as it is a global problem we face and so if you want to give a little back to the earth then look up these projects and see if you can fit a bit of time towards looking after nature in during your break.

By: Andy Adams

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What do you know about Ecotourism?

Am asked:

Do you think videos such as this not only serve to get the best candidate a job position with Queensland Tourism, but also serves to promote ecotrourism at no cost to Queensland Tourism? Other then this video stating that tourism can be equated to environmentalism, do you think most video applications will be about Ecotourism? If so how much do you know about “Ecotourism” and how do you think it’ll serve Australia in this case?

Panama’s Natural Appeal

Panama is one of the most beautiful countries in the world today. Panama real estate today is growing at a rapid pace. This is because there are tourists from all over the world coming to Panama property with the pull of its natural beauty. The beauty of Panama property mainly lies in its beaches. Panama being in the middle of two bog oceans has the advantage of getting the weather benefits of both the coasts. The country is mostly prominent for the beautiful beaches on both the sides. The weather of the country mostly stays warm like any other tropical country through out the year. The beaches on both the sides are beautiful and they carry a lot of appeal with them. There are many Panama property development projects that are being undertaken that works towards the development of Panama property along the beaches. There are many hotels and resorts coming up along the beaches for the benefits of the tourists. These beaches provide for a nice relaxing vacation for people from all over the world. The beaches play host to a number of games and activities for the tourists. Activities like surfing swimming etc can be carried out very enjoyably in these beaches. Also jet skiing and water gliding are activities that the tourists are most fond of. There are many such activities that make the beaches enjoyable. The undeveloped beaches on Panama property are also under development today in such a way that their natural beauty is preserved and it is more comfortable for the tourists who visit these beaches.

For those who love the mountains Panama property has a lot to offer as well. Panama has beautiful mountain ranges that are beautiful and also there are luxurious cottages and hotels that are built along the mountain ranges that take care of every need of the tourists there. Staying in these mountain ranges would make you feel like you are in the lap of natural. With all natural surroundings these mountains provide the peace and quite that many people long for and come to vacation looking for it. There can many animals be found in these ranges. Also because of the tropical climate the Panama property of the mountains are host to a variety of flora. You can find flowers and trees of many kinds here. Some of these species cannot be found in such abundance in any other part of the world. Also there are many other activities that the tourists can enjoy on Panama property. Activities like mountain climbing; trekking and other such activities are very prominent in these parts. There are many natural reserves for animals that are made in Panama property. The construction of the canal had cause large scale deforestation but the government has taken enough responsibility as well as steps to balance out the eco system. This is done my planning more trees and careful relocation and breeding of many species of animals in their natural habitat sop that the ecosystem is maintained. The natural appeal brings in people from far and wide parts of the world to look for the natural sanctuary that is Panama.

By: Laurie Cooper

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Going Green. No Matter Your Take the Choice is Clear

Global warming. Controversial to say the very least. Scientists on both sides have mountains of evidence to suggest that humans are either having a devastating impact on the earth’s climate or it’s just the natural climate change like any number of other climate changes the earth has gone through in its history. Whichever side you support going green can be more than just taking responsibility for the now; it can be taking responsibility for our future.

Carbon Reduction In Our Atmosphere

If you are of the belief that humans are the primary cause of climate change then you feel it is important to reduce your total carbon footprint. In fact you may already be taking the necessary steps to reduce your footprint.

If, however, you feel that humans are not the primary cause of Global Warming you should look at reducing your carbon footprint regardless and here’s why? Most green technology that is now coming online is more cost effective and efficient. For example by just switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs in a home the average US household saves over $150 per year. In this economy that kind of savings can really start to add up.

Changes You Can Make

The first thing most experts agree on when it comes time to “go green” is to start with your own home. Sure you can purchase tree credits and carbon offsets, but the first greatest impact you can make on your carbon footprint starts at home. And to those of you who feel that the process of global warming is not man made, realize that most of these methods actually reduce your energy use and dependence which actually reduces your monthly bills. It’s also helpful to look at this from the standpoint of by reducing now you leave a little bit more for the future at lower cost. The less energy we can take now the more we will have for the future. So save a little energy now and save a little money all at the same time.

Now some of the things that you can do:

– Change Your Light Bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Saves energy and money.

– Add an insulating blanket to your hot water heater or convert to a tankless hot water heater.

– Put electronics on surge protectors and unplug them when not in use.

– Replace older appliances with new Energy Star compliant. Some even have rebates!

– If your car gets less than 25mpg it might be time to trade it in for a new hybrid.

– Try adjusting the thermostat to be a tad cooler in the winter and a tad warmer in the summer. The savings alone will make that extra sweater in the winter or the tank top in the summer worth it.

– Take reusable bags with you whenever you go shopping. You will save on plastic, which will reduce carbon. If you use to use paper you will reduce deforestation. It’s just good all the way around.

Whatever side you believe in, whether human caused or natural progression of the earth, going green transcends political views and becomes something that can help and affect everyone involved. Whether you are doing it to save the planet, or doing it to save some money, feel good and just do it.