Playa Costa Rica – Paradise on Earth

Costa Rica has a $2 billion a year tourism industry and is the most visited country in Central America with almost 2 million tourists in 2007. Most tourists are from the U.S. and Canada, and the European Union. Ecotourism is popular with many visitors and tourists to the country and almost all of them visit the huge national parks and protected areas in the country. Playa Costa Rica or Costa Rica beach holidays are the favorite of tourists who flock to Costa Rica year after year. Costa Rica has numerous world-class beach resorts for tourists. For nature lovers and ecotourists, there is abundant wildlife and many national parks to see and visit.

The people are warm and friendly and the beaches and waves are enticing for surfers from around the world. The more adventurous can climb mountains and volcanoes or go river rafting, kayaking, or canoeing, visit the Baldi hot springs, or enjoy the sunshine at the La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens. Tourists can sleep in the rainforest and doze off to the sights and sounds of night creatures. Get up to the chirping and chattering of tropical birds. Canoeing along the Rio Fortuna with huge trees spreading their branches over the water with the peace and solitude is a magical experience. Playa Costa Rica nightlife is as lively and exciting as the daytime. The country also offers Costa Rica deals for people looking for a retirement home or a second home away from home.

For visitors looking for a solid investment avenue who are not sure about investing money in the stock market or even real estate in the United States, Costa Rican homes for sale and excellent Costa Rica deals is the best investment opportunity. This tiny tropical paradise is a very solid and stable nation and investors can find beautiful homes for sale in the Costa Rican style that cost far less than what an investor would pay in the US. People who are on the verge of retirement or have retired can buy Costa Rican real estate at attractive prices. Playa Costa Rica too is an attraction for many retirees and people looking to invest in holiday homes for the family.

Whether you are visiting Costa Rica as a tourist to enjoy Playa Costa Rica or as an investor looking for good Costa Rica deals, the right time is always now. If you have not yet visited Costa Rica, you should start planning as soon as possible and visit this paradise of natural beauty. With so much to see and do around the country, a tourist will always come back for more and maybe fall in love with the country and decide to live here.