Restoring the Desert’s Ecosystem

Across the savannah red sands of the Kalahari Desert there is an ecotourism paradise that has been restored from the former decimation by livestock that inhabited the area decades ago.

The Kalahari Desert is one of the premier wildlife destinations in Africa. The area had previously been farmed with little regard for the environment, and as a result, the very essence of the authentic Africa it once was had been almost completely destroyed. However, thanks to the destruction of dams, removal of houses and fences and re-establishment of indigenous game such as cheetah and lion, it is now on the road to resembling the real Africa that nature intended. Unwanted plants have been removed and rare wildlife and game has been brought back.

As an environment that had largely been unnoticed in terms of socio-economic development, the communities within this region had been unfortunate in that they had not had the opportunity to benefit from any formal education or schooling, nor had they been exposed to any social welfare programs. As the area has become established within the environment, many inhabitants are now employed by the Reserves that provide ecotourism attractions to travelers. Not only do those employed benefit from this investment, so also do the people in the surrounding regions benefit form the economic impact that tourism has on this development.

The Kalahari Desert provides an attractive location for ecotourism as visitors are able to experience the unique spirit of the Kalahari Desert while also being exposed to the projects and ongoing commitments to

By: Gillian Meier

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