Stop Global Warming

Global warming is the issue worrying one and all environmentalists around the world. It is now becoming quite imperative that be stop global warming fastest so that the effects of warming that have affected earth adversely are reversed and we are able to live a little happily than before.

There are many things that can be done on a personal level to stop global warming. Firstly, we should know how much heat and pollution is created by every family, this pollution is producing green houses gases and accelerating the process of global warming. One of the answers to stop the warming is that we should consciously start planting trees not just around us, we also ensure that the lost rainforests and tropical forests are restored back to their normal volume.

These tropical and rain forests work as lungs for the entire world, creating oxygen and purifying the air. Therefore, when these are cut off, it can harm the entire ecological system of the Earth, this means there will be very less oxygen and lesser trees to provide us with oxygen. It will make us susceptible to many breathing disorders and other health problems.

We need to stop global warming, is that the scientists have been telling us for quite sometime now. The reason is obvious, if not stopped or reduced, the large snow mountains at the poles will start melting, and this will lead to a sort of catastrophe. World’s major population stays at the sea side. Once the ice starts melting it will increase the sea levels several feet above what it is now. It has been already reported from the countries near the North pole that the rising sea levels has caused them to relocate their homes a little farther.

Rising sea levels will mean destruction of huge numbers of human beings, animals, property, industries, flora and fauna. This will also mean flooding and increase in salinity of available ground water. This again is potentially harmful for human health. This will also mean millions of people will have to move from near the sea to interiors. This would also mean loss of life and loss of millions of dollars.

If you feel strongly against global warming you should try and make contributions to organization you feel has been working actively for the purpose to stop global warming. Your small financial contributions can make a lot of difference. Your contributions can provide boost to these organizations to find man power and monetary power to buy land and convert it from arid dry deforested land to a good sized forest.

You can also stop global warming at your personal level. You can try and plant as many trees around your home. You can also try and use minimum electricity, you can try and avoid usage of sprays, non-green products which increase toxic waste on the Planet. It is necessary to stop global warming so our children can live healthy and long lives.

By: Hamish Fraser

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