What is eco-tourism?

regarding eco-tourism? help please?

sarah c. asked: my teacher gave a homework “what are the factor to consider ecotourism and give examples to each factor” i’v been searching the internet for almost 3 hours but i could not find it im so tired -,- please help me im not saying to do my homework of course i will read […]

can someone explain what is ecotourism about

waffles asked: I NEED TO KNO!!!

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism?

Sarah asked: I know that Eco-tourism is where a tourist travels to a destination, to help that specific destination environmentally, but what does Sustainable Tourism mean? And how are they alike? Best answer gets 50 of my points!!!

Ecotourism – can anyone help

Sarah asked: I need to find a destination that needs to be developed in ecotourism. Any suggestions?