who could have interest in buy lands in Panama for ecotourism?

ivan v asked: lands in mountains, 851 acres with rivers and original flora and fauna. very accesible and very beautiful place, with rivers.

The Effects of Deforestation to Our Future

Ecological matters affect all life in this planet, from the negligible parasites to the human race. Slight interruption in the Earth’s fragile balance can mean particular damage of the very place that embraces the lives of many species. It is not so easy searching for ways to cure the presently perilous and confronting movements of […]

What are some ecotourism locations/sites?

♥§╚{☻☺♥ asked: Ecotourism is a tourism attraction that is natural. It provides education of the natural environment. You will see flora and fauna and historical sites, for example…great barrier reef, seal bay…. anyone know any places? preferably in australia but in other countries I would like some ideas