10 Ways to Cut Down Global Warming

Global Warming is a complex phenomenon, and its full-scale impacts are hard to predict far in advance. But each year scientists learn more about how global warming is affecting the planet, and many agree that certain consequences are

Forestry and Global Warming: How Can Our Forests Effect Climate Change?

The amount of land dedicated to forests, particularly old growth forests, could significantly reduce global warming. Forests are an important use of land in most countries, and in modern times they take on a new, environmental significance. Plant life scrubs carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon dioxide is a main cause of global warming and […]

The Deforestation of The Amazon

Located in the northern part of South America, the Amazon is shared by nine different countries; and one of which is Brazil. Its vast landmark stretches out to almost 60% of the Brazilian lands. Full and rich of 120 feet tall trees, and equipped with species both known and unknown to man, the Amazon forest […]