What are all the Ecotourism aspects of Greece?

lola.lolo asked: I’m doing an assignment for geography where i have to write about ecotourism in Greece, and write an itinerary for it with ecotourism activies. I need a Description of all the ecotourism aspects of greece. Please help, ive been stuck on this for ages. 1 paragraph or less is really good! Thankyou

HELLPPP NOW! Ecotourism activities in greece?

lola.lolo asked: any ecotourism activities in greece!!!! please write in itinerary form this is due tomorrow! please help!

What activities (that reflect the principles of ecotourism) can you do in Athens and surrounds?

lola.lolo asked: im writing an itinerary for one week and i have run out of ideas. also, how can i set it out in itinerary form?