What is a biophysical cause of ecotourism?

em asked: This is for my year 12 geography assignment. The main topic is “What impact does ecotourism have on our society?” and one of the sections needed to be covered is “causes” (of whatever our topic question is). In the causes section we must include the biophysical and the human causes, and the biophysical […]

What is your perceptio of eco-tourism?

Sophie fatale asked: Basically I would like to know what people’s perceptions are on the environment and ecotourism itself. And what you think are the principles and methods that have been undertaken on the fundamentals of eco tourism?

cons about ecotourism?

illdaretofly asked: i know that people argue that ecotourism brings job opportunities, but are the jobs really low-paying service jobs [maids, waiters, etc]? what other cons are there besides: -destroy animal habitats & decrease in natural resources -tourists bringing pollution and cultural differences/stereotypes thanks.