Harmful Effects of Deforestation

Human beings always have been and probably always will be to some extent dependent on forests. Trees were their habitat, their environment, their source of food and their protection from enemies. Forests are very important to man, and other organisms, and one of the biggest problems the world is facing today is the threat of […]

How to Prevent Deforestation

Everyone in the world would do well to know how to prevent deforestation. The profound effects of deforestation on the world are getting increasingly worse. More and more natural disasters are occurring every year, in all parts of the world. The tsunami in Phuket, the disastrous, devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, and dozens of other […]

Rainforests: Way More Than Just Monkeys And Parrots

Rainforests are the dynamic engine of the Earth’s biosphere; they fix carbon from the atmosphere, and the aspiration of plants in the rain forests produce nearly 10% of the oxygen we need to live (over 70% of the oxygen is generated by algae and plankton on the world’s oceans). They act as filters, pulling pollutants […]