Environmental Protection and Ecotourism

Local authorities in popular tourist destinations are beginning to take matters of environmental protection into their own hands. Governments and nonprofit organizations are banding together in the fight against pollution. Efforts to sustain tourism to favourite destinations without harmful effects to the local environment, as well as culture and social interactions, are the main focus […]

what is the role of ecotourism or sustainable tourism?

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Sustainable Tourism, Best Practice From Italy

Waiting for the confirmation of the increment of foreign tourist flows to Italy, looking at the positive data (+4%) of 2007, it is interesting to underline that the Bel Paese hospitality, focuses its attention on the analysis of a new phenomenon called “sustainable tourism”. Sustainable means a new tourism, far away from the conventional tourist […]

what makes ecotourism sustainable?

migmania1907 asked: i need to find out what makes ecotourism sustainable, but when i look on websites it talks about sustainable tourism not ecotourism and what makes it sustainable. i need sources as well so i can state them in my essay. Thanks

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism?

Sarah asked: I know that Eco-tourism is where a tourist travels to a destination, to help that specific destination environmentally, but what does Sustainable Tourism mean? And how are they alike? Best answer gets 50 of my points!!!