how does ecotourism being used to attract tourists by diffenent organizations?

sillystar asked: i can only think of cultural tourism and nature tourism. can anyone can answer me this question…. THX

how ecotourism is being used to attract tourists by different organizations?

sillystar asked: anyone can give me some ideas would be nice, i cant thik any example.

Panama’s Natural Appeal

Panama is one of the most beautiful countries in the world today. Panama real estate today is growing at a rapid pace. This is because there are tourists from all over the world coming to Panama property with the pull of its natural beauty. The beauty of Panama property mainly lies in its beaches. Panama […]

Albanian ecotourism?

For Spanish class, I have to do an oral presentation pitching a trip for interested eco-tourists. I chose Albania (because I’m 25% Albanian). I have been doing some research, and I found some websites. I was just interested in knowing if anyone had any knowledge in this area. I have to use vocab from the […]

How can we help making Ecotourism a less disturbing task in Wildlife Centuries?

Shalik Jogwe asked: Ecotourism in wildlife area is a disturbing tasd. Tourist usually throw out plastic & other rubbish. The vehicles enter inside also causes a big disturbance. Tourists also, instead of observing the wildlife and biodiversity of the jungles, get inside only for amusement and make a lot of noise and causes disturbance to […]