Volunteer at Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica

Association ANAI is a small non-profit organisation that was formed in 1978 to pursue what has since become known as sustainable development in Costa Rica’s Talamanca region. The staff include agronomists, foresters, biologists, economists and educators. With the exception of the three founders, the staff and the Board of Directors are all Costa Ricans. Before the phrase “sustainable development” came into fashion, ANAI was successfully pioneering strategies to help the people in Talamanca become more economically self-reliant, while preserving the area’s extraordinary rain forests and other natural wonders. ANAI and the Talamanca Initiative have been proud recipients of the United Nations Equator Prize which recognizes “extraordinary accomplishments in reducing poverty in the tropics through conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity”.

Volunteers must be of age 18 or above with minimum education of high school. This volunteer does not need any volunteers in the month of Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr and May. Volunteers with the following special skills are preferred for the placement:- Environmental Science Biology Data Collection Statistics Swim Hiking

Volunteers can assist by doing following tasks:-

1. Nightly beach patrols: This includes monitoring the beach for six hours, from 8pm to 2am, looking for nesting activity and moving nests to the hatchery. 2. Hatchery duties: Checking the hatchery every 3 hours for hatched baby turtles, keeping it free of weeds and debris and excavating when nests have hatched. 3. Other duties: Correcting and transferring data, preparing materials for night patrols, beach clean-up.

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Basecamp International Centers believe international volunteering promotes cross-cultural learning that helps create global awareness, understanding between cultures and provides the platform for positive change. Our volunteers have taught in schools, provided disaster relief support for the International Red Cross, conducted essential research to improve the management strategies of threatened environments, built homes for impoverished people, provided vocational training and programs for street kids and have worked in co-operation with hundreds of local organizations to distribute aid and improve the quality of life for people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin AmericaWe have volunteer placement on Social, Heath and Medical, Environment, Children and Building Projects in Nepal, Peru, Ghana, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ecuador.Basecamp International Centers welcomes all the interested volunteers from around the world to volunteer and make a difference.

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